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Transcript: What is Fossils and Fiction?

This is a transcript of the podcast Episode ‘What is Fossils and Fiction?’

Travis Holland
Welcome to Fossils and Fiction, a podcast exploring cultural and scientific ideas about dinosaurs.

Thanks for listening to this introductory episode of Fossils and Fiction, my new podcast looking at dinosaurs in well, you guessed it, fossils and fiction. But who am I? And what exactly does that mean? That’s what I aim to answer in this introductory episode, which won’t last very long at all. Thank you for listening. My name is Travis Holland. I’m a lecturer in communication at Charles Sturt University in Australia. And I’m producing this podcast as part of my research output. But please don’t be put off by that. Because it is intended to be very interesting, and not very theoretically informed at all. What I’m instead intending to do is simply get on people with interesting stories to tell about dinosaurs. They could be researchers, authors, entertainers, anyone who works in the field, including, of course, paleontologists, I’ve already approached quite a few people to be involved in the podcast and some of those have said yes, so we’ll be announcing the first slate of guest interviews soon. And they’re all very interesting people. Anyone else out there listening who has a really good story to tell about dinosaurs, whether you’re a paleo artist or a paleontologist, or simply a dinosaur fan, perhaps who just wants to come on and have a chat I’m very interested in and you’re very welcome to do so. So please get in touch. For me, as I said, the podcast is a research output. But the process of that output is about science communication. It’s about the linking between the cultural and the scientific understandings of what dinosaurs are. It’s not about presenting, you know, simply a piece of research that I read off each week in the podcast, I certainly hope not to do a lot of talking. So on that note, I’m going to end it there, I’ll hand you off to my outro and hopefully, you’ll come back, subscribe to the podcast and listen in for all of my future episodes with my wonderful guests.

Thank you for listening to the Fossils and Fiction podcast produced by me, Travis Holland, with the support of Charles Sturt University. The podcast theme music is Sonora by Quincas Moreia via the YouTube Audio Library. Find more content on our social media channels, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok. Show notes are available on the website fossilsfiction.co. You can subscribe to the podcast on all major podcasting platforms.

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