Episode 30: The Jurassic Park Book Part II

In this conversation, Dr. Catherine Pugh and Dr. Ross Garner discuss their chapters in ‘The Jurassic Park Book’ and provide new perspectives on the classic 1990s blockbuster. Dr. Pugh analyses a play called ‘The Jurassic Parks’ that riffs on the film and explores themes of family and grief. Dr. Garner focuses on the role of merchandise and franchising in the Jurassic Park franchise and the lack of academic attention towards it.

They also discuss the impact of Jurassic Park on dinosaur fandom and the genre of eco-horror. The conversation explores the themes of environmental impact, the future of the Jurassic Park franchise, the portrayal of dinosaurs as animals or monsters, and the use of dinosaurs as agents of punishment. The discussion also touches on the tension between realism and spectacle in the films, the changing debates and viewpoints within the franchise, and the engagement with cultural and scientific debates. The conversation highlights the unique nature of the Jurassic Park series in actively engaging with these themes on screen.

This is Part 2 of coverage of ‘The Jurassic Park Book’, edited by Dr Matt Melia and published by Bloomsbury.

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