Episode 33: The Science of Dance at Prehistoric Body Theatre

Ari Dharminalan Rudenko, the artistic director of Prehistoric Body Theater, discusses his background and how his childhood fascination with dinosaurs led him to combine dance and science communication. He explains the formation of Prehistoric Body Theater in Surakarta, Indonesia, and its focus on accuracy in science communication.

Ari also shares his collaboration with palaeontologists and the challenges of incorporating scientific knowledge into dance performances and the process of choosing specific prehistoric animals as characters in his performances.

Prehistoric Body Theater uses stagecraft and set design to create a portal for the audience’s imagination, allowing them to journey into deep time. The performances incorporate prosthetic elements and clay-textured sets to create a sensory experience. The company aims to tour their work globally and continue to bridge the gap between art and science.

Check out more about Prehistoric Body Theater ⁠https://www.prehistoricbody.org/⁠

The episode transcript is available here.

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