Haliskia peterseni by Gabriel Ugueto

Episode 36: Aussie Pterosaur Roundup Featuring Adele Pentland

Pterosaur expert and PhD student Adele Pentland discusses the discovery and description of the newest and most complete Australian pterosaur, Haliskia peterseni. The fossil was found in Australia and is 100 million years old. Adele explains the unique features of Haliskia, including its large wingspan, interlocking teeth, and long throat bones.

The conversation places Haliskia in context with other Aussie pterosaurs and pterosaur families from around the world.

She also discusses the importance of museums like Kronosaurus Korner and the Australian Age of Dinosaurs in promoting paleotourism and supporting local communities. Adele shares her optimism for future discoveries of pterosaurs in Australia and highlights the significance of these findings for scientific research and public interest.


More info:

Adele’s podcast Pals in Palaeo ⁠https://palsinpalaeo.com/⁠

Kronosaurus Korner ⁠https://www.kronosauruskorner.com.au/⁠

The Conversation article on Haliskia ⁠https://theconversation.com/100-million-year-old-fossil-find-reveals-huge-flying-reptile-that-patrolled-australias-inland-sea-231393⁠

Scientific Reports paper describing Haliskia ⁠https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-024-60889-8⁠

Scientific Reports paper describing Ferrodraco lentoni ⁠https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-019-49789-4⁠

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